Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to school week - Monday!

Monday.   These notepaper nails aren't really as hard as you might think they would be.  I'll even give you a mini tutorial.

Colors needed:  White, Black(or gray), Pink(or red), and blue.

*Just paint your nails white, I used two coats NYC: French Tip White.
 *Use a striping brush (or in my case a tooth pick) and make blue stripes across your nail.  How many and how big are totally up to you =)
*Take the red(or pink, your choice.) and make one long red stripe down your nail, closer to one side than the other.
*For a special look I added the whole punch pieces with my black.  (you could use gray for this color.)

And that's it!  Pretty easy but definitely not boring.  Throw your favorite top coat on and head out!