Monday, December 3, 2012

Cupcake nails tutorial!

I love cupcake nails.  Perfect for Birthdays!

Step#1:  Paint your nails your choice of color.  I did two different colors.

Step#2:  Draw a line dividing your "icing" and wrapper.

Step#3:  Paint the bottom half if your cupcake the color of your wrapper.  I chose brown but you could use any color.

Step#4: Using a dotting tool (or bobby pin, bottom of paint/makeup, whatever you can get your hands on.), make your icing hang over the edge of the wrapper by dotting the icing color on the dividing line.

Step#5: Give your wrapper some definition by highlighting the "crinkles."  I used silver.

Step#6: Give that cupcake some sprinkles!

There you go!  For my other nails I did streamers and a birthday present.

Polishes used:
Sally Hansen: Fuschia Bling Bling.
Sally Hansen Instadri: Lively Lilac.
Stripe Rite: Silver.
Nail Art by Diamond Cosmetics: Cocoa.
Klean color Nail Art:  Sky Blue.

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