Monday, November 26, 2012

Nutra-nail UV free "gel" polish.

I would like to start off by saying that I hate giving a negative review.  BUT... I don't want you to spend $14 or so on this garbage.

The instructions were simple, you do have to like....switch brushes and stuff after 5 nails, which seemed like a little hassle.  I only did my thumbnail, since I had already seen a negative review on this.

NOTE:  on this box there was no "lasts up to (x) days!" For good reason.

I wasn't able to give you a sunlight picture of my nail because by the time I had gotten ready in the morning, it had chipped. -.-  I had only done the nail the night before!

Removal: yucky.  Goopy.  Blegh.  I used pure acetone and let it soak.  Even then I still had to do a lot of scrubbing.

All in all, don't waste your money.  Use regular polish and Seche Vite and you'll fare much better!

Have any of you used this product?


*2 days of wearing
*1 coat
*bottle shot of polish itself

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